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Garden Arbour

Garden Arbours are a simple yet greatly effective way to add functionality to your garden. A garden arbour is an area providing shade that can be useful for all sorts of activities. Typically a bench or seat will be placed under the garden arbour, creating a peaceful resting place for days out in the sun. Garden arbours aren't just for the summer; they can also provide shelter from the cold of winter, making your garden practical all through the year.

Garden arbours are durable structures, open on one side, making the shade easily accessible. Handy when throwing a party, having a BBQ or just relaxing outside, garden arbours create an extension to your home.


Seated Arbour

A corner arbour is a very attractive piece of garden furniture that will make a striking addition to any garden, patio or decking. The corner arbour has a large seating area that will fit into any right angled corner.

Pavilion Arbour

Pavillion Arbour

The pavilion arbour has beautiful trellised side panels and a unique curved roof design. This makes the pavilion arbour one the most attractive garden seats.

Wooden Pergola

Wooden Pergola

A wooden arbour It is the perfect retreat to relax in comfort in the garden or patio. As a wooden garden arbour it offers fantastic quality and value for money.

Swing Seat

Swing Seated

With a swing seat you can relax on those summer days. swing seats are suspended from a rope or a chain and are ideally suited for a playground or gardens.

Garden Arbours

Garden arbours can be made from various materials, often with trellis included in the design. This means that climbing plants can be set to creep up the side of the garden arbour, adding to the feature.

Wooden garden arbours are the most common; however other materials can give the garden arbour depth of design. Wooden garden arbours can look stunning with their natural colour and texture or painted to suit the theme of your garden. Depending on the style of your chosen garden arbour, the seat can be built in or freestanding. A free-standing seat enables you to have even more options with your garden arbour - perhaps even allowing for a small swing seat. To customise garden arbours further, covers are available for some style of seats, and cushions can add to the garden arbour's style. Other accessories can also be used to style garden arbours, for example a wind chime, or candles to create ambience and provide subtle lighting.

So you've decided you're going to purchase a garden arbour - now you just have to make sure you choose the right garden arbour for you. Consider these few points; what will you use the garden arbour for? How big is your family? What plants do you want to grow up your garden arbour? The answers to these questions will help you decide what style of garden arbour to purchase. Larger families would probably suit a sturdier garden arbour, or if the garden arbour is to be focal element of the garden, perhaps think about the design that would best complement your garden.

Garden arbours suit all styles and budgets, so why not treat yourself today!